A best in class responsive website design. Additionally, a scalable design system reducing time to launch of website related projects.

  • digital strategy
  • design system
  • ux
  • responsive website

The technology leader in their market - the mission of KCC. Upon completion of the project, we were able to have KCC be the first in their industry to have case websites and electronic claim filing accessible on all devices. We also put in place a design system with a maintainable and sustainable code base.

an image of the KCC website home page

An updated home page with instant case list filtering using characters entered in search.

an image of a sample KCC case home page

The case home page with updated typography and visual hierarchy.

an image of a table of information

Website tables were made responsive and given visual updates to aid in readibility.

an image of grouped information on a website

Some grouped information was placed in "cards" allowing for more information to be displayed in a smaller vertical amount of space.

an image of a form for searching for a creditor

All form elements were given appropriate visual design. Custom elements were created for HTML elements unable to be styled.

an image of a report containing cards of information

Reports were updated to use cards for record data.

an image of a card containing information

Responsive cards were created to display report records.